Maximizing Outcomes for Preschoolers With DLD: Clinical Trial

Maximizing outcomes for preschoolers with developmental language disorder: Testing the effects of a sequentially targeted naturalistic intervention

What is this project about?

This multi-site project focuses on improving language outcomes for children with expressive and receptive language delays. We are testing the efficacy of an 18-month parent-implemented language intervention for preschoolers with developmental language disorder. The Phase 2 clinical trial blends Enhanced Milieu Teaching with treatment targets drawn from our Sentence-Focused Framework to promote early vocabulary and grammatical development.

Your child could be eligible if:

  • Child is less than 31 months old
  • Parent is concerned about the child’s language development
  • Child has no other diagnosis that influences his/her development
  • Child’s caregiver uses only English with the child
  • Child’s caregiver is willing to participate in parent training

Incentives for families:

  • Up to $1,150 for your family’s time over the 19-month study
  • Activities occur over video calls during a time that is convenient for you
  • Learn how to support your child’s language growth and development
  • Receive an iPad (and potentially cellular service) during your participation

This project has been reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (STU00207758) with Dr. Megan Roberts, Dr. Ann Kaiser, & Dr. Pamela Hadley as Principal Investigators, NIDCD U01 DC017135].