Current Projects

  • When to Worry About Language Study
    When to worry about language study (W2W-L): Joint consideration of developmental patterning and neural substrates for enhancing early identification of language impairment What is this project about? With collaborators at […]
  • Validating the Sentence Diversity Priming Task
    A dynamic assessment tool for identifying children at high risk for persistent language disorders What is this project about? The purpose of this project is to validate a clinical tool […]
  • The See and Say Sequence: A Strategy for Early Word Learning
    Investigating the Feasibility of a Sequential Language Strategy for Early Word Learning. What is this project about? This project focuses on evaluating how quickly and accurately parents of young toddlers […]
  • Gestures and Maternal Input in Ds and Fragile X
    Impact of child and maternal gestures on word learning in Down syndrome and fragile X syndrome What are these projects about? With the DND Lab, the APL is studying the […]
  • Maximizing Outcomes for Preschoolers With DLD: Clinical Trial
    Maximizing outcomes for preschoolers with developmental language disorder: Testing the effects of a sequentially targeted naturalistic intervention What is this project about? This multi-site project focuses on improving language outcomes […]