The See and Say Sequence: A Strategy for Early Word Learning

Investigating the Feasibility of a Sequential Language Strategy for Early Word Learning.

What is this project about?

This project focuses on evaluating how quickly and accurately parents of young toddlers can learn a language strategy called the See and Say Sequence. The See and Say Sequence combines features of responsivity with specific linguistic targets to support early word learning during parent-child interactions. We will measure the change in parents’ language in play samples conducted before and after learning this strategy.

You could be eligible if:

  • Child is 15 to 24 months of age
  • Child communicates with gestures and words
  • Child says less than 100 words
  • Child has no other diagnosis that influences his/her development
  • Child’s caregiver primarily uses English with the child
  • Child’s caregiver is willing to participate in brief parent training

Incentives for families:

  • Learn a strategy from a clinically certified speech-language pathologist to support your child’s language development.
  • $25 Amazon E-code
  • Small book or toy for your child

Want To Learn More?

Contact Emily Harrington by email at for more information.

Download the pdf

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This project has been reviewed and approved by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Institutional Review Board (IRB #22624).