Graduate Student Research

Kathleen Walsh (2010, MA thesis). Toy talk: A simple strategy to promote richer grammatical input

Colleen Fitzgerald (2010, MA thesis). Understanding contributors to input informativeness for tense marking: Overlap between language typology, parent-toddler interaction style, and register.

Alison Bahnsen (2011, MA thesis). One of a kind grammar: The role of sentence diversity in children’s grammatical development.

Megan McKenna (2013, MA thesis). Developmental expectations for sentence diversity.

Colleen Fitzgerald (2014, PhD thesis). Uniformity of pronoun case errors in typical development: the association between children’s first person and third person case errors in a longitudinal study.

Zora McFarlane-Blake (2017, MA thesis). Grammatical Input Differences Remain Six-Months Following Toy Talk Instruction.

Ning Hsu (2017, PhD thesis). Syntactic productivity in Mandarin Resultative Verb Compounds

Tracy Preza (2020, MA thesis)  Exploring the interactive and linguistic dimensions of parent input and their role in the development of children’s simple sentences.