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To learn more about current research projects in the Applied Psycholinguistics Lab, please contact Dr. Hadley.To learn more about our approach to assessment and intervention, please visit the Sentence-Focused Framework Website and Blog.

  • Pamela A. Hadley, PhD, CCC-SLP
  • Professor & ASHA Fellow
  • Speech and Hearing Science
  • 901 South Sixth Street
  • Champaign, IL 61820


Join the Lab

Students interested in research in the Applied Psycholinguistics Lab must possess a love of language and be interested in how children acquire grammar. To build foundational skills in grammatical analysis, undergraduates are encouraged to complete coursework in speech and hearing science (e.g., SHS 120, 320), linguistics, and/or psycholinguistics (e.g., LING 100, 225). Student investigators may assist with data collection, transcribe language samples, code and analyze data. Students exploring or pursuing academic research careers will also assist with dissemination of findings.

If you are interested in joining the APL, please email Dr. Krok.  Include a brief introduction, your major(s)/minor(s), previous lab experience if applicable, and a brief explanation of your interest in research.